Our Volunteers/Dilan KAZAN

все будет хорошо. / Everything's gonna be alright👍

Our Volunteers/Dilan KAZAN

15-22 October This is our first week. We arrived late in the evening after a long travel. We met with Alexandra that she took us to home. There is no other volunteers now. We cleaned the house and settled in the following two days. Alex showed us around and helped with shopping. We learned how to do our daily needs. We met with Adina, she came to show us how to do the fire at home. We met with Dorina, she gave us some street posters to stick on the doors. It was good to see around and learned the streets of the city


22-29 October
This week Adina had an erasmus+ youth exchange so we helped them. We washed the dishes, do the planning of the rooms, brought the general needs of the rooms. We did cleaning. When people came we joined a part of the first day and met with them. After they started the project we had to leave. We continued with the posters. Here the covid-19 situation gets serious. They’ll start to put restrictions.

29-5 November
Now we work at a school called Smart. We met with Corina, Mada, Elena and Nico. Unfortunately there are not much children here. Because of the covid-19 situation. We hope to have more in time. So, we prepared some crafts, activities and workshops for the children. I hope when they come, they will enjoy them. We cleaned the garden. We played and spent time with children who were at school. Even we celebrated a birthday party for one of them. We did the activities that we prepared for Halloween.

5-12 November We played with children, drew pictures, read books. We made some decorations and prepared for activities by cutting and gluing. We did a presentation about Turkey at school. We took the kids to the Botanical Park and had fun with them. We cleaned the house, we are better at doing the needs of the house like setting the fire. We finished the posters.

12-19 November This week we used all our free days because we wanted to travel. We were at Smart School doing the same activities and cleaning work. There are more children now which is happier.

19-26 November There are more children that’s why we are more busy and happy. We did the daily things all the week like welcoming children, helping them with their needs. We joined the classes, helped the children and teachers. We had the chance to go to Orsova, Alexandra drove us there and we had fun together. Also at school we joined the Thanksgiving night and ate and dance a lot which was very nice.

26-3 December We prepared activities and crafts for the Christmas. We decorated the school with Christmas stuff. It was the birthday of Romania and we met at the house, ate traditional food and had fun and celebrated it. We learned traditional dances and songs. We continued working daily at school.