все будет хорошо. / Everything's gonna be alright👍

No matter what happens in your life you can start over.

We are an NGO that introduces young people to EU projects and offers them ECS opportunities.

We aim to prepare programs where individuals can volunteer, provide necessary training, support organizations in the field of volunteering and increase the rate of volunteering throughout the society.As Synaos Think Tank, we plan to ensure equality of opportunity in society, increase the quality of life of individuals and support those in need.Part of our main vision is to protect and watch the environment and nature we live in with historical, touristic and cultural values.

Description of the organisation

Kütahya,which is an art city is of almost every think from culture and art on every espect. During the Ottoman Time, the tile used for palace decaration, musquie ornamenting  was always speread from Kütahya to the neighbor hood.Today the art of tile, as it always happened in the past from generation is stil being tryied to continiue.

Our Mission

To transform the potential of individuals into a voluntary action in line with social problems and needs.

Our vision

To create a society that has made volunteering a lifestyle and provides space for active participation in all areas.