Inspired by name from  history of the  Kütahya city ,  Synaos Think Tank Association (Synaos Fikir Kulübü )was founded in March 2006 in  the Kütahya.

Purpose of the establishment of our Think Tank Association (SFK)As, ensure  to people that has intellectual knowledge  living in our city bring  their knowledge and experience in their field for urban and intellectual development  together and  attempt to keep our friends into a constructive endeavor. At the outset, our  club was being established in order to efficient use of  time and exchanging ideas  but  with increasing the number of  members of club  and especially new comings from the university  students and academics was sat  on a more effective and dynamic framework. Debates that in order to transform  intellectual  production  to practice; to express their opinion on the decisions taken for the city, taking a side , develops at the point of offering solutions, for this purpose entered into constructive relationships with other civil society organizations in the city and  with local governments and  consensus was  reached   on a being active  in terms of urban transformation projects produced.

We  participated with 3 of our group members and were actively involved in all stages of the action that is name “What can We do with one Euro”  Action1.1 youth exchange project was organized in 2007 in our province.
In order to implement projects that an seeing as an  important part of urban and intellectual development  and  decided to prepare with the common wisdom ,firstly  ability to communicate with  institutions  and people that writing and implementing projects and  to request  an information and opinion on the writing and implementation of the projects themselves was our first effort in this regard. To do this we have established  a communication  team in our club and  we collect all the data in one centre. To find a partner for  projects thanks to  created  membership in the group page on the internet , we have acquired the ability to communicate with both domestic and from abroad many groups.

All in this context in year 2008,  we have implemented  project  3.1. which is name “Peace is white”  that was  reference number TR-31-91-2008-R3

Participating in a  4.3 project held in Italy Palermo between 20-28 July 2009 with two friends of us was for the first time taking  an active part in a project , as well as, observing  implementing project in the place and resolving the lack of  information  and hardware as well as increasing constructive relationships developed there up to the point of doing joint project  was an important milestone for us.

Synaos Think Tank Association(Synaos Fikir Kulübü) is accredited by MFA-NA in July 2010, and in this way  in order to  taking an  more active roles in global projects  by youth of our district,  for  our province  a further  important step was taken by our association.