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Empowering young people with employment skills(EYES)

Project takes place in a context of economic crisis where unemployment among young people exceeded 22% deficiency in preparing young people to
access a job and can not find jobs as skills.The training project aims employability of young Europeans effective solutions for accessing positions in
accordance with their professional training and personal development.
The proposed objectives are:
-creation for 36 young people aged 18 + years and from 8 countries to a common space conducive to reflection on their future, exchange of practices,
intercultural dialogue and increase European cooperation,
-Identify the most appropriate styles and learning methods and preparing young people for choosing the desired position in the labor,
-as in key employment skills and awareness and understanding of their importance in accessing a job related to personal training,
-To promote the formal education of creative solutions necessary to improve the employment portfolio

We aim to;

-train teachers to gain digital skills to allow students with diverse needs to receive instruction in regular schools and classrooms,

– have more chance for the Access to education and school attendance virtually,

– help teachers to gain tools to let learners participate and achieve in mainstream schools,

– bring a plan for the needs as basic digital skills and competences from SEN learners’ digital literacy,

– enhance teachers’ advanced digital skills which produce more digital specialists in an inclusive education concept,

– get more tools to differentiate educational activities through digital tools for diverse needs of SEN students

– know and design teaching scenarios for the concept of Blended and Online learning for SEN students,

– increase student interaction through innovative and digital tools for engagement with online learning,

– encourage SEN learners to partake in practical and collaborative activity internationally,

-create new stories and case studies to include all learners,Prepare an inclusive curriculum for all students, and curriculum adaptations and educational differentiation for SEN students

– go digital for 21st Century Skills in an inclusive classroom.