Synaos Think Tank maintained its activities in the beginning as a group then as a forming association in Kütahya from 2006 to 2008. After the year 2008, it served effectively for the promotion of Kütahya province and Turkey by doing EU projects.
As the members of the association mainly consist of youth leaders and sport oriented people who are directed to sports projects ,they can take an advantage of these chances with our activities.
Synaos Think Tank Association plans to implement projects which are supported also by Turkey Tennis Federation, Synaos Think Tank Association aims the upbringing of more happier individuals for society and keeping youth away from harmful habits by making sports in a healthy environment.
Synaos Think Tank Association was planning to implement projects about culture and arts with gaining support of Kütahya Municipality in the years of being accredited. For various reasons, it will implement sports projects instead of these projects. The basic idea causing this change is to more helpful for volunteers with implementing sports projects.

As the board members of Synaos Think Tank Association are also the founders of the Kütahya Tennis Club and Erasmus Sport that has started its operations recently, the idea occurred that sports projects can help young people more .
We’re planning to take a significant step for the future of society by upbringing happier and peaceful individuals and preserve mental and physical health of young people by making different kinds of sports primarily tennis.
Taking into account of possibilities of adequate accommodation, nutrition and sports facilities, we kindly request to be considered as a hosting organization which was accredited as a coordinating and sending organization before .