Project environment/ EVS

Motivation and EVS experience


Synaos think tank has the experience of two youth Programme of European Union. This projects are called action1.1 and action3.1 youth projects.

So far,withits positive  approach getting from Project and impressions, it has the courage of making evs Project. Synaos think tank under the authority  of Kütahya  Municipality, at the municipality foundation it maintains its projects.

It asks for for its culture,life style and happiness to share with young people from other countries. In order to support an idea about being European. Its aimed to define the cultures of individuals for common interests.


Description of the organisation

Kütahya,which is an art city is of almost every think from culture and art on every espect. During the Ottoman Time, the tile used for palace decaration, musquie ornamenting  was always speread from Kütahya to the neighbor hood.

Today the art of tile, as it always happened in the past from generation is stil being tryied to continiue.

Apart from these activities, today’s art, theatre,drowing, folklore and musical educations are also given by Kütahya municipality in the center of art education and culture. In this center  of art education age group 18-30 : drowing course ,foklore and theatre course. Turkish art and Turkish folk music courses are avaible.  For these courses 1 manager, 9 teachers,  2 personnel and  3 trainee teachers are working. Since 2006 Synaos think tank which deals with youth problems,since 2008 it has also been working with Kütahya municipality for youth projects. New volenteers hoped to assist the trainers for music and drowing courses. This studies are between 08-18:00 and implemented in different seans for two hours. The volenteers can chose whatever thay want from tw sesions. For the rest of the time they can get benefit from hobby clubs. If they like,they can stay with the families of Kütahya.


Project environment:

Kütahya is located in the western interior of Anatolia which finds the lives of  Troys, Urartu, Hittite ,Seljuks, the Ottomans and the many more civilizations. Kütahya have 57% of  area covered with forests, besides green thermal is paradise with of  healing and plenty  waters. The city must be seen with famous thermal spas, as beautiful as postcards corners and from this date to today important historical remains.

In the center of city have about 200 thousand of population, the main source of livelihood is tile, ceramic production and mining. Boron reserves popularity are growing in the world, approximately 70% of world reserves are in these lands.

Kutahya of Municipality had turned a campus which live of the young  from old  Nitrogen Plant facilities in the center of city. This complex has every kind of social, sporting facilities in this complex, for volunteers shelter facilities. The campus known Youth Art and Cultural Center have equipment which can provide every needs  of volunteers  in the best way.

The campus  has  63 house blocks,  3 guest houses, 2 restaurants, 2 sports centers, 1 soccer fields, 1 chess room, 2 elderly nursing homes, 1 kindergarten, 1 laundry and various social spaces. In training centers, It has been giving theaters, Turkish folk music and Turkish art, painting, various hobby activities and jewelry design courses. Volunteers will help with courses trainers, take language courses in training centers and learn our traditional art centers in hobby centers in their spare time.


Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

Joining of different cultures that live over the world together, knowing each others and making shared works are some of the works that we think to assist as the local management. A pair of works have to be made for settlement of the conscious of europeanship and agreement of the Eupeanship culture in the local society. As the institution, as decided to start to this drowig course that is active in structure of our Municipality had been selected as the main aim group.

The volunteers who will come here, will be in communication with these trainee and also people who are included into this environment, realize mutual information and culture shopping and will have various sharings.  Specialy the will meet with trainee who speak a different language than he/she speak, have different dish cultures, different traditions, different life forms, briefly have characteristics that look different from their points and thus joining of different cultures together will be assured. In order to increase the education activity of the volunteer and to assure him/her to be able to know Turkish culture closely, as visiting the houses of traniee who are educated in the day center, 3 times a month, dinner will be have together. This organization will be realized by the day care directorship.

The volunteer will be able to participate in the cources of the Municipality free according to her/his skill and wish and will be able to educated in handicrafts branches such as jewelry design, wood painting, cloth painting. Thus, they will both spend their spare times and will be able to recognize the handicrafts that had been embroidered with Turkish motifs more closely.

The volunteer, 1 or 2 a month, as visiting the civilian society institutions that are in connection with the Municipality of Kütahya, will take information related to the civilian society actions in Turkey and if he/she wishes, will be able to participate in the activities of these institutions.

The volunteer, if wishes, will be able to participate in the Communicty of Folk Dances that is active in structure of the Municipality of Kütahya , thus will be able to learn Turkish folk dances special to various regions.

The volunteer will simply teach his/her language to the traniee, will share his/her own country’s games with participate in their art and music activities. As participating in the communication, joining of traniee with a person who is different than them, will be assured

Furthermore, the volunteer will also work on planning and application of youth projects that are prepared by the institution and have the right to comment on formation of youth projects.

The volunteer will have permission 2 days a week. He/she will work in the International Project Development Center of the Municipality of Kütahya, if in the piece of 6 hours from the work program of 30 hours, and will be affective at stages of planning and application of youth projects that the youth committee formed in the institution’s structure prepared.

The volunteer who comes to Kütahya, will be a part of this project and also be able to apply a project that he/she developed to present contribution to the presentation of different cultures of project here. As the project is open to the development and renewal, the volunteer has to support to this subject. Every idea that the volunteer produced, will be able to be applied with support of the managers and educators of child club. The volunteer who will assist in preparation of youth projects in the same way, he/she will also be able to form the project idea and will make this idea the project. The volunteer will also have the chance to express himself/herself and production in this field.

The volunteer will stay in a private hostel, in a double room. If he/she wishes, he/she will also be able to settled in a family’s house.



The volunteer, will be able to have lunches and dinners in local headquarters of Turkish Press Unity, where the municipality’s personnel also have. Necessary money is given her/him for breakfast.

The volunteer will be sent to the course to learn language. This period will be considered in work hours. Depending on learning skills and language of the volunteer who will come, a program will be made with the language course’s educator and daily language education’s hour will be determined.

A guide will be assured for the volunteer. This guide will continuously have communication with the volunteer, will be intesred in his/her all problems and try to solve them. The communication between the guide and communication will be realized as often as the volunteer wishes.

To be able to perform the duties to the volunteer, our educators the specialist of subject will help and guide him/her.

Some activities will be able to be arranged fo him/her until the volunteer will comply with the local community. These will be assured with participations to the social events such as cinema and sport activities of city.





08.00-09.00 Breakfast

09.00-11.00 Art activities

11.00-12.00 Art activities

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-14.00 Art activities

15.00-17.00 Youth activities (Volunteers will prepare the next day’s original activities )



08.00-09.00 Breakfast

09.00-11.00 Language Education

11.00-12.00 Free time for improving the volunteer’s original project

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-16.00 Courses for improving the volunteer. Turkish Handicrafts, Folk Dances, Modern Dancing, Theatre, , Wood and Cloth painting, Ottoman Glass Painting, Jewel Designing, Playing Local Instruments  etc.)



08.00-09.00 Breakfast

09.00-11.00 Art activities

11.00-12.00 Art activities

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-14.00 Child club activities (Volunteer will prepare tomorrows original activities for chidren)

14.00-16.00 The Activities of  Kütahya Municipality



08.00-09.00 Breakfast

09.00-11.00 Language Education

11.00-12.00 Free time for improving the volunteer’s original project

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-16.00 Courses for improving the volunteer. Turkish Handicrafts, Folk Dances, Modern Dances,Theatre, , Wood and Cloth painting, Ottoman Glass Painting,Jewel Designing,Playing Local Instruments  etc.)




08.00-09.00 Breakfast

09.00-11.00 Art activities

11.00-12.00 Art activities

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-14.00 Art activities

15.00-17.00 Art activities (Volunteer will prepare tomorrows original activities for chidren)


% 14 Language Education

% 26 Local Activities

% 60 Working on Project places


Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

The volunteer who will realize the wilingnes service in our institution, has to be among 18 – 30 ages, has a social, extrovert, enterprising personality that develops himself/herself. He/she has to love art and spend time with it.

The main place where he/she will work, is the education and art center and here he/she has to be able to teach his/her country’s songs, games and simple words in daily speaking language to the young people.

Even if they do not have any education, because of he/she will make the musical activities, it is considered that the ones who are interested in art and music or who can play any instruments, would be more advantageous.

Except the language of his/her mother tongue, knowing a second language (English, German, French) will also be the preference reason.

The project place had evs experience and the thema ıs art because of thıs we beleıve that we can ensure an open and transparent recruitment process.

We are open to work in every area with sending organisations. We will be in cooperation during the project.